Raising Chickens Made Easy

Raising chickens does not have to confusing or costly. In fact, with so many online and offline vendors offering everything one needs, raising chickens today is probably easier than it has ever been. This article looks at raising chickens the easy way, and it is a lot easier than you might imagine.

Whether you are growing your birds in the city or in the country, you should first check to see that you are allowed to raise chickens in your area. Some areas require permits, some do not. Before investing your cash, see what your area allows.

The second issue of raising chickens the easy way is to buy a chicken coop that is pre-assembled. These coops normally come as a package, and you will have to put the various pieces together, but this is very easy to do, and requires only a few hand tools.

If you are handy, you may want to save some money and purchase chicken coop plans. These plans are available online and offline, and they are designed to answer all of the most common needs one has when raising chickens. Make sure you get plans for a coop that is big enough for the number of birds you want to raise. Allow about three feet per bird. This size requirement is true for all types of coops and hen houses.

When you are considering the design of your coop, choose one that has an elevated flooring system. Having the floor off the ground will make cleaning the enclosure a lot easier, and cleaning is something that you simply must do to prevent disease and possible death of the birds. So, make it easy on yourself from the start.

Feeding and watering your flock is a snap when you purchase inexpensive feeding and watering stations. These come in a variety of sizes and, generally, are easy to maintain and clean. As your flock grows, you will need to add more stations, but, again, this is simply a matter of ordering more as you need them.

Chicken feed has come a long way in the last few decades. You can now purchase chicken feed for any age and purpose. Chick starter feed is an excellent option for new born chicks and feed that has extra calcium in it is a good choice for laying hens who need that extra bit of calcium. Feed can be bought at most co-op’s and can even be purchased online.

Raising chickens requires, well, chickens. So, how do you get your first set of birds?

This, too, is much easier than you might think. You can buy chicks online from reputable farmers and hatcheries. These are delivered to you, and since they are live when you get them, you do not have to worry about hatching them. You can save that task for later on when you become more proficient in raising chickens.

You can also purchase live chicks from many co-op’s but doing it this way may require you to wait until Spring which is when most co-op’s carry chicks.

There are also many online forums that are populated with chicken owners who will sell chicks to you. However, do be careful when ordering from private citizens. You want to make sure you get what you pay for and that the person knows how to ship the chicks in such a way that they arrive alive.

Online forums are also a great way to learn more about raising chickens. You can ask questions and get answers from those who are actually raising birds, and what better source is there than those who know firsthand what they are talking about?

These are just a few of the many ways raising chickens the easy way is possible. Why not get started today?

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